5 Common Electric Screwdriver Types and Features

Jul 15, 20 5 Common Electric Screwdriver Types and Features

Everyone uses the screwdrivers for any purpose, if not you have to use it at least once in his/her life. It is necessary to tighten the screw in a tough area or tightening gets difficult most of the time. To avoid these kinds of problems electric screws are manufactured. The main purpose of the electrical screwdriver is screwing and unscrewing the hard tools.

The electric drills also work as a screwdriver but it is not applicable at all times. The drills are used for a short period and it carries with a small amount of work. In most cases, it is better to use electrical screwdrivers. Here come some common electric screwdriver types and features.

The torque of the screwdriver

Torque is calculated by the number of the turning force on the body. The device operates along with the force of the rotational element. The instrument hardness depends on the torque. With the help of the diameter and length of the screw, you can tight the particular object. The measurement of the torque is done by Newton per meter.

cordless screwdrivers

An ordinary household screwdriver has an average value of 10 to 30N/m. This type of screwdriver is enough to cope with most of the necessary tasks. Expert screwdrivers have torque 100n/m or more. Solid materials are tightening by using screwdrivers with greater torque as well as for drilling purposes.

Characteristics of screwdriver battery

Network screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers these are the two types of screwdrivers that are in usage. If the screwdriver carries a network operator then it is a network screwdriver, likewise, the tool that uses the accumulator is a cordless screwdriver. By using different types of screwdrivers, you can easily screw out the devices without prolonging to the larger time. Household screwdrivers use nickel-cadmium batteries. These batteries are functioning under the minimum number of charge-discharging modes.  Professional screwdrivers have lithium-ion batteries; these batteries have no memory effect. It doesn’t want to wait for full discharge and can be recharged at any time.

Additional functions

In the opposite direction, the reverse is a cartridge rotation. These functions can also be added to the main function since it offers the opportunity to unscrew anything. Using the flashlight screwdrivers you can work on invisible surfaces.  Backlit screwdrivers can be used in small areas or poor invisibility outdoors. Manufacturers put on a special screwdrivers case to the set, which is very easy to carry and store.

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